Electron Engine ™
Printed Circuit Boards by Emissionlabs


We have now the new Version V3.

Tube Burn in System


PCB's for LUNDAHL Transformers

Yamamoto Style, Base Plate adapters, with Optional LEDs


Universal Tube Amplifier PCB's

These use low cost Chinese banana plugs. Just buy a package of 20pcs at Ebay, and use the ones you need. For input and Output signals, plug distance is such that you can plug in a banana to BNC connector. High Voltage and heater voltage are indicated "on" with LEDs, and EE61 has in addition, LED indicators in the cathode circuit, with levels you can set. So normal function lights up the green LED, and over-current condition lights up the red LED.

EE40 Universal HV Power Supply Board. Tube or silicon, with output current monitor

EE60 Complete driver or pre amplifier, pentode, or dual triode. Octal or Noval socket.

EE61 Complete Single Ended Output amplifier, with UX4 triode. Auto Bias, Fixed Bias, or Mixed Bias, quickly change by programmable solder bridges. With LED indicator for normal function, and fault condition.

EE65 Integrated Circuit break our board. Why are these always so small. This one is large enough :).