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PART1. Boards for Lundahl Transformers

Phono Applications with Lundahl transformers.

For Phono

No more difficulties or problems, clean wiring, and all options.

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Universal PCB by JACMUSIC, for medium sized Lundahl transformers

For Small Signal

We have a PCB for almost every common transformer

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Universal PCB by JACMUSIC, for large signal Lundahl transformers

For Inter Stage and medium Signal

Lundahl has a magnificent series of universal, medium to large signal transformers, which are made programmable by Lundahl. There is really nothing like it from any vendor. Since the transformer has a PCB lay out anyway, we developed this matrix programmable Board for it.

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LL1620, LL1623, LL1627, LL9202 primary and secondary Boards

Tube Output Transformers

Switched impedance and clean wiring

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