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PCBs for Phono

Phono Applications with Lundahl transformers.No more difficulties or problems, clean wiring, and all options.

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Moving Coil

Small Signal


Plate Choke

Power Choke

Grid Choke

Heater Choke

Output SE / PP



Mains Transf

Mains Cleaning


Silver Wound

PCBs for Small Signal

Phono Applications with Lundahl transformers.We have a PCB for almost every common transformer

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PCBs for Tube Output Transformers

Phono Applications with Lundahl transformers. Switched impedance and clean wiring

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Inter Stage, medium and large Signal

Phono Applications with Lundahl transformers. Lundahl has a magnificent series of universal, signal transformers. There is nothing like it from any vendor, which is so universal.

These transformers are programmable, which is done by re arranging the many windings. These are the "Alt" configurations by the data sheet.

Since these transformers have PCB pins anyway, we developed this programmable Board for it, which fits nicely on the transformer. The (re) programming can be done with solder drops, which can also easily be removed. We have long list of programming examples, including all Lundahl "Alt" configurations, and a few more.

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