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Preliminary page.

EE60 Universal Experimenter PCB

Board Order Number: 311-060-90

Users of older version1, Click here.

WE SUPPLY ONLY THE BARE PCB.Tube sockets can be ordered with it.

User side of the board, for experimental parts.

For Plate cap tubes use the pads called N.C. These are only solder pads, and "Not Connected" to anything. Or, with Octal plate cap if only one, normally this is the 9th "Pin", so pad #9.

Back Side, for permanent wires.

I actually made the previous version V1 for myself, but it is also a nice product to sell. It reduces the mess on the bench very much. However it was said to be too tiny, and some more requests.


Connecting the heaters of a 6SN7 tube