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EE60 Universal Experimenter PCB

This is the OLD Version, inly for reference here for users. New version is here.

WE SUPPLY ONLY THE BARE PCB.Tube sockets can be ordered with it.

Board Order Number: 310-033-72

Originally I made these PCB for myself, but it is also a nice product to sell. It reduces the mess on the bench very much.

Wiring one half of a 6SL7


The distance of the In-1, In-2, Out-1, Out-2 to GND, i is such that you can plug in a standard banana/BNC adapter, as shown above in the picture.

Connecting the heaters:

Also it is possible to connect Ug1 and Ug2 directly to the grids, and measure at other side of the board, via the banana jacks, what the grids are doing. This is probably the most common way to attach the grid. For the input, use the pads (In-1 and In-2 at the other side), and from there wire it with a capacitor, or whatever the circuit is.