Printed Circuit Boards for Lundahl Transformers


EE16 EE16 EE18 EE19 EE32. Output Impedance Switch for Output Transformers

Transformers: LL1620, LL1623, LL1627, LL1679, all Versions SE, PP and PPZ(parafeed) .

These boards allow TWO output impedances. Finally NO MORE trouble or mistakes when wiring the transformer. Two impedances can be chosen with a switch, or if only one impedance is needed, use Solder Jumpers. (Solder Jumpers only for LL1679)

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EE20 Universal Board. Dimensions: 40x70mm

Transformers: LL1544, LL1544A, LL1545, LL1545A, LL1545, LL1550, LL1636, LL1678, LL9202, LL9226, LL9226XL.

EE20. Under preparation. Order Number: 310-26-33

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EE21 Universal Board. Dimensions: 43x68mm

Transformers: LL1588, 1592, 1690, 1674, 1676, 1922, 1930, 1931, 1941, 1943, 1948, 971, 5402.

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EE22 Optional Switch board for EE20 and EE21. Dimensions: 33x39mm

Order Option#3 with Board EE20 and EE21

The EE22 board can be used to create an external Switching option with the EE20 or EE21 Board. Two transfer ratios can be selected now with a flip switch. This gives 'high - 'low' selectable input sensitivity to the amplifier, or two step up ratios for a Moving Coil transformer. With the EE21 board, you get the two GAIN options this board has. WIth the EE20 board you can preset with the Piano Switch on the board, which two Gain Options that will be.

The board is mounted by the switch itself, with a 6mm hole. Just connect the 5 wires, and it works. The special low impedance switch is supplied with the board.

EE31 Universal Board. Dimensions: 40x70mm

The simplest was to create an isolated high impedance Audio Input.

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Tube Heater Transformer (under preparation)

Tube Heater Current Source (under preparation)