ISO™ Transformers from Japan

Previously known as ISO-TANGO Transformers


We thank Mr. Osawa, president of ISO™ transformers, to appoint our company official distributer for Central Europe and Russia. We are developing the website and pricelist at this moment. We will present an English presentation soon. Please inquire just by email for technical information or ordering.


Old Tango Part number and new ISO Part numbers are not the same.

Here is a comparison table - Not completed yet!
Tango FC-30-3.5S SE Watt 3.5k ISO FC-30-3.5SⅡ
Tango FC-30-10S SE 30Watt 10k ISO FC-30-10S
Tango FC-120-5
PP 120Watt 5k ISO FC-120-5
Tango FE-10-8 PP 10Watt 8k ISO
Tango FE-10-10 PP 10Watt 10k ISO
Tango FE-25-5 PP Watt 5k ISO FC-25-5
Tango FE-25-8 PP 25Watt 8k ISO FC-25-8
Tango FX-40-5 PP 40Watt 5k ISO FC-40-5
Tango FE-20-14S SE 20Watt 14k ISO
Tango X-2.7S SE Watt 2.7k ISO
Tango X-10SF SE 10Watt   ISO
Tango XE-20S SE 20Watt   ISO
Tango XE-60-3.5S SE 60Watt 3.5k ISO
Tango XE-60-5 PP 60Watt 5k ISO FC-60-5
Tango XE-60-10SNF        
Tango M757   Watt   ISO
Tango U-405   Watt   ISO
Tango U-808   Watt   ISO