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Valve Art tubes are made in China

Some words about tube matching.

We ship out VALVE ART allways matched.  We have a collection of finest tube testers here, and large like KT88 are re-tested and re-matched at JAC Music. 

We re-match the big penthodes at the same values as Electro Harmonix uses for their tubes.  The Electro Harmonix values they do not give out,  but from the many shipments we have, we were able to reconstruct those values of course.    

These are matching classes often used in  HiFi industry. We use these also.  

  1. Plate current below 2.5% difference = best possible match. Also called PLATINUM match. 
  2. Plate current maximum 5% difference = very good  match.  Also called GOLD match. 
  3. Plate current maximum 10% difference =  "good match".
Unmatched tubes can have differences of  1:3 and still are good tubes by itself. So on a tube tester, these will pass as a new tube.   However,  it is obvious that a pair with 300% difference will not sound good, because the tubes have not the same working point. Loss of maximum power, and extra distortion will result from it. The "best" tube of an unmatched pair will do most of the work, get warmer from this and die sooner.   So use only matched tubes, for lowest distortion, highest output power and optimized lifetime. 

This KT88 is said to be made on original old machines from the M.O. Valve company, UK. 
The tube base is kitted to the glass, so you won't have any vacuum defects due by  mechanical stress from pulling out the tube often. (Note: This is a  weakness of some KT88, like TESLA) . We offer a version with a nice polished nickel plated tube base.

Very rugged version. Can be used for HiFi or Guitar amps. 

Nice copy of the original 6550 tube, with original cylinder glass.   The Valve Art has three getters for long lifetime.