As standard shipping company we use DHL Post.

The reason is following:

We do not ship with any other company as DHL Post. As a reward, we get their so called Platinum Service.

This is why: We have tried out and compared several companies, and with DHL we have the lowest package damage rate, if there was a damage they payed for it always, and in the end, shipment cost are lowest. WIth several others, we had problems.

Package damage: This is why we prefer DHL Post so much, damage is very rare, and since we ship a lot of glass, this becomes important. Even more difficult to ship is the combination of transformers and glass. This requires triple boxing, and outside boxes can become quite large. (see "price")

Insurance: We never had a problem with DHL post insurance. Cases were amazingly few, and always payed 100%.

Speed: Not the fastest, but ultra fast shipment means more package damage, we do not even want that.

Price: This is the best. Because we ship glass often, we over pack most items. Packages get very large size sometimes. We get charged with so called volume weight when using fast courier service. Volume weight is calculated as length*height*width*6000. This makes a true 5 kilogram package can be calculated as 20kilogram easily. Then, with the much higher kilogram price of UPS, this makes shipment cost excessive. Yet, if we use a smaller box, this would save shipment cost, but this gives glass breakage. So this is no good way to go. Better is, have no damage, and not need the insurance. The good thing of DHL post is, they do NOT use volume weight. So yes we pack with a lot of air inside. Then, as long as the real weight is still low, package cost is still low.

Conclusion: DHL post is not the fastest, and their tracking is not the best there is, but for that you receive goods that have not been kicked around, and in the end you have no problems with the goods you receive. Add to this, the very few insurance cases we had, were all solved well. I think this is what counts, customer satisfaction at the end of the process.

Exception: We can ship with Fed-Ex, but shipment cost begin often with 130 Euro, and go up to 250 Euro quickly. So it is 5...10x more expensive.

You and we pay the same for the shipment cost. 

Some estimations of the pricing.
For final pricing we need shipment weight and county.
Incl. VAT
Without VAT
Belgium, Austria, Holland. 2kg Package:

10,00 Euro

Italy. 2kg Package:
13,40 Euro
USA. 2kg Package:
29,43 Euro

Overseas: SURFACE means not by boat! It is send by surface from Germany to the
airport over here. Then it is send by airmail overseas. In the country of arrival it is send
from the local airport by surface to your house.

When we ship outside of Europe, surface will take 12...25 days.

Within Europe, surface will take 4 ... 11 days, depending on the distance.