You want to return something?
Please note a few things.

1) Packaging

  • Large electron tubes can easily be damaged. Mail services drop the boxes sometimes. Use 10cm filling material against all sides of the boxes. If products arrive here with shipment damage, there is normally no guarantee.

2) Return Address:

Jac van de Walle
Horber Steige 25
72172 Sulz

Following points are important, when shipped from outside Europe, because we need to pass the package through customs without problems:

3) Not possible shipment companies:

* NOT with TNT. They are terrible. Even when the sender pays the shipment, the receiver must pay extra 50 Euro handling charge for a return shipment. If we declare it not as a return shipment, it costs us "only" 25 Euro, and we have to pay 23% taxes over the value.
* NOT with UPS. Their insurance rules say, they may drop the boxes from 160cm. They do so indeed, and don't pay such damage.

4) Preferred shipment companies:

* Fedex. Our number 1. Honest, correct, fast and , they even answer the phone. They handle a return shipment for free.
* Post office. USE ONLY my personal name. Then, chances they handle return shipments for free is very high, when value is 15 Euro.

5) Declare the 15 Euro value for customs.

  • For defective products without value (such as broken electron tubes) you have to use "15 EURO" in the customs box, and write no other value anywhere. This is legal, since you received no payment for this shipment. And so, it does not affect the insurance value. So, do not use a higher value, or do not leave the value away. Use 15 EURO.

6) Declare the contents

  • For electron tubes, write: "ELECTRON TUBES, harmonized code 85408100"

7) Documents

  • A copy of the original invoice OUTSIDE on the box, in a white, closed envelope. I can re-send you a copy if you lost it. Tape or glue the envelope on the box. Write in big letters "INVOICE" on this envelope. The customs will try to use this invoice , to have me pay 25% taxes. So grab it immediately. Unfortunately for them, this invoice makes clear this is a return shipment. Meaning they get no tax money. To make the invoice useless for taxes, write on the invoice copy by hand in big letters: "DEFECTIVE, VALUE 15€, PLEASE REPLACE". Then they will have to let it go.

Why this is important. Some random notes:

  • Regard the customs office not as government people doing honest work. Their real intention is to get money, without working for it. Their daily life works this way. The most common thing they do, to take use of the great misundersting, most senders have of this. The sender logically is worried about the value of his package. So wherever they can, they write this value on the shipment papers. However customs value and insurance value are two different things. Also when contents are not specified well, the customs office as a matter of principle takes g goods with the highest possible tax rate. They say, if wrong the receiver can file an correction request. Which request they already turn down when the package was opened.
  • If you write 2000€ value on a package, that will result in a tax bill of 23% from 2000€, which is a final fee. If such a package is already here, we can only pay it on your behalf, or otherwise refuse the package. Or, we have to prove it'a return, which means we have to prove the original sending. Which is sometimes not possible. Other options they do not give us. So please use 15 Euro in such cases, and it will pass smooth.
  • For a normal purchase, customs value and trade value is the same. For a product return however, trade value may be still high, but customs value is low. So 15 Euro customs value, means only it's intended to pass for free. Which is what we all want. However if you write 475€ somewhere, that's what it is, and taxes will be due here.
  • Insurance value is another thing. This becomes extremely logical when insurance value is 500 Euro, and you write contents value 2000€ on it. Then we pay taxes here over 1000€. In the other direction it works the same way. So when the package has insurance value 500 Euro, and you write 15 Euro customes value on it, both numbers will be used for their own purpose.