Important Copyright notice

please understand, we do not support copying from this website, unless it is a page were we say so, like some of our own electronic circuits, we publish only for personal use. However, we often find parts of our text, copied on Ebay auctions, private web sites, or company web sites. I am sorry we have to write this here, but if you copy something from this website where you have no right to do so, it is not such that we just "do not like it". The situation is, we do not want it. We have seen complete pages abused to sell NOS tubes on Ebay, even in competition to our self, by private persons, or companies. We do not support intellectual property theft from our website. Also not by private users, not just for Ebay auctions, Social media, or websites, where you can add your personal data. Please do not regard pictures or texts from this website your personal data. We have now have an insurance with a specialized intellectual property law office in Muenich Germany, and this works a lot better. All we do, just send the internet URL to them. We take no influence on how they work, as they are fully authorized by us, to act on our behalf. Best advice I can give anyone, in such a case, remove anything that was copied, cooperate with our lawyer, like sign the agreement they will propose you, and make an agreement if they had to make some costs. In the case of copyright violation, only a signed agreement will be accepted, as there is no guarantee otherwise it will not happen again. Until this point, we at jacmusic, are not involved, also not financially, and your cooperation is voluntary. We are only contacted, if no voluntary agreement could be made. So again, sorry for writing this here, but ever since we do, it works a lot better.