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  1. Tube Test System EE12. Introduction (You are here)
  2. Stand alone System, together with EE11 power supply
  3. Use EE12 with an existing tube tester (instead of EE11 power supply)
  4. Building instructions
  5. About the purpose of burn in

Tube Test System EE12. Introduction.

The Test System EE12.

This is picture is preliminary, and this is not a 100% safe way to use the EE12 board!

This is modular tube test system. We sell this product is a kit. We supply the bare PCB and the parts. It consists of the power supply EE11, which can drive 1...3 Test Boards EE12. Each bord is capable to burn in, and quickly oberserve plate current for 10 dual tubes, while looking at all tube sections simultaniously, be means of LED indicators for 1, 2, or 4mA. So a maximum of 60 tube sections can be observed simultaniously, while burning in the tubes, and observe if and how they change .

Grid current can be pre-tested and also monitored during burn in, for 10 tubes together on one board. Though grid shorts are rare, this can cause quite some trouble. Historical tube testers use a neon lamp for this, but I am sure they would have used an LED if these would have been available at the time.

Possible tubes to burn in

5687, 5751, 6060, 6072, 6201, 6679, 6681, 6922, 7025, 7308, 8514, 6AQ8, 6CG7, 6DJ8, 6DT8, 6N1P, 6N6P, 6N11, 6N23P, 12AY7, 12BH7, 12DT8, ECC81, ECC82, ECC83, ECC85, ECC88, ECC99, E81CC, E82CC, E83CC, E88CC, E182CC, ECC801S, ECC802S, ECC803S. (and the ones I forgot, with similar connections)

With adapters sold on Ebay by the Chinese.

6SN7 to ECC82 adapter: 6H8C, 6H9C, 6SN7, 6SL7, 12SN7, 12SX7, 12SL7, ECC33, 5691, 5692, 6180.
6N2P to ECC83 adapter:, ECC808 to ECC83 adapter, and some more are sold

  1. Stand alone System, together with EE11 power supply
  2. Use EE12 with an existing tube tester (instead of EE11 power supply).
  3. Building instructions
  4. About the purpose of burn in.