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Remote control for VAIC amplifiers.

Used item, the bag is not with it. Shows normal use, piano laquer still nice.

Price: 100€ for export, 119€ incl tax for Europe.

You may not be aware, but allmost all VAIC amplifiers have a fully functional remote control unit inside, with a servo motor on the potentiometer. The idea of VAIC was, to sell the Infa Red transmitter later to the users. This remote control is out of production now, new price was 175€.

Look here, this is the lense of the Infra red receiver. If your VAIC has this element, it has a fully functional remote control inside, with the servo motor and everything. All you need is the remote control box as pictured above, and you can remotely turn the volume knob. So the knob turns up or down by motor control. And YES, this is inside almost any VAIC of later production. So look for the receiver lense as in the above picture. They are really nice quality items.





These are two VAIC Reference monoblocks

Sorry, this item was sold

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This is a very nice condition 32B amplifier

It is owned by a private seller in the town Esbjerg, close to the German border in Denmark. It includes the expensive remote control unit, Tungsol driver tubes 5687, Amperex pre-amp tubes ECC82, and VAIC 320B.

Sorry, this item was sold

Sorry, this item was sold


This amplifier was upgraded with 300B mesh tubes. It has a 100V mains transformer, intended for Japan. The PSE is ideal for mesh tubes, since the mesh tubes have lower ouptit power, but ... you have two tubes per channel. So the output power per channel is still higher as with standard 300B.

Sorry, this item was sold many years ago.

People often ask, what a shame it is sold! Where can I buy this? Well you need to know, something very similar is still made by Mastersound Italy, here is a picture from the site of the German Mastersound Importer. For Germany you should contact: For other countries, you can ask Mastersound for a contact. The new Mastersound version is much more convenient with tubes exchange. The nice glowing tubes you see here, are very old AVVT 300B mesh, but we supply a 300B mesh version at Emission Labs still. So yes, if if you want to have such an amplifier, it's still possible

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This amplifier was upgraded with finest materials.

It is sold, but you can look at it here

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This is some information about how we bias and re adjust the older VAIC models.

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