ISO™ Transformers from Japan

Previously known as ISO-TANGO Transformers

  1. Single-Ended Output
  2. Push-Pull Output
  3. Interstage
  4. Mains
  5. Chokes
  6. Line Transformers
  7. Comparison of previous Tango Part Numbers to ISO (You are here)

Comparison table - Not completed yet

ISO FC-30-3.5SⅡ Tango FC-30-3.5S SE Watt 3.5k
ISO FC-30-10S Tango FC-30-10S SE 30Watt 10k
ISO FC-120-5 Tango FC-120-5
PP 120Watt 5k
ISO no replacement Tango FE-10-8 PP 10Watt 8k
ISO none Tango FE-10-10 PP 10Watt 10k
ISO FC-25-5 Tango FE-25-5 PP Watt 5k
ISO FC-25-8 Tango FE-25-8 PP 25Watt 8k
ISO FC-40-5 Tango FX-40-5 PP 40Watt 5k
ISO FE-20-14S Tango FE-20-14S SE 20Watt 14k
ISO FX-40-2.7S Tango X-2.7S SE Watt 2.7k
ISO FC-40-10S
(without NF winding)
Tango X-10SF
(without NF winding)
SE 10Watt  
ISO XE-20S Tango XE-20S SE 20Watt  
ISO FC-30-3.5SII Tango XE-60-3.5S SE 60Watt 3.5k
ISO FC-60-5 Tango XE-60-5 PP 60Watt 5k
ISO FC-30-10S
(without NF winding)
Tango XE-60-10SNF
(without NF winding)
ISO no replacement Tango M757   Watt  
ISO no replacement Tango U-405   Watt  
ISO no replacement Tango U-808   Watt