The BIG Tube Test Overview (More will be added)
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Also a way to test them ;)

Between the Circuit and the Implementation lies the Shadow

Audio Review on 6moons website

by Michael-Lavorgna

I should point out that the EML solid plates had a face lift earlier this year. Improvements include a slow start filament prolonging tube life; serialized filaments i.e. one wire looped  throughout the tube; added grid coolers as well as double mica in the tube top.....

.....I own a pair of NOS globe 45s, the TJs and EML solid plates. I prefer the EML solid plates by a wide margin - big bass slam, extended highs, super quiet operation and all the midrange magic and exquisite detail of the NOS version to boot. 

Read complete Article here (3 pages)

A new 845B Tube 

by Ed Sawyer

......Like the Amperex, it has no top mica connecting the plate structure to the glass envelope. (current production 845s from China, Kron and Cetron all have top micas which couple the plate structure to the glass). These 845B have full 845 dissipation ratings and 1250v plate rating and as far as I can tell are compatible with any 845 amplifier application. Like all 845s except Kron, these have Thoriated Tungsten filaments, which glow brightly. It has two ring getter halos at the

base of the tube. ...... 

Read complete Article here ( 4 pages)

Read all bout Johann Schutt's favorite 300B-XLS  tube.
Original article in Dutch
Translation in English
Ultimative TRIODE TEST by Triode Dick, Holland. 

Article in DUTCH

Triode Dick about the  EML 300B-XLS:  "Petje af. Deze nieuwe nummer 1 en mijn nieuwe referentie krijgt van mij 103 punten"   Read the complete test 


(read winning article)


103 Points
101 Points
101 Points
99 Points
WE 300B
98 Points
98 Points
98 Points
Svetlana 811
93 Points
Cetron 300B
90 Points
JJ 300B
89 Points
89 Points
1) EML 45 Solid Plate TEST REPORT
By Michael Walsdorf

... I recently compared the Sovtek 2a3's [at 45 & 2A3 operating points] to my 45s; Emission Labs solid plate and NOS National Union ST 45's....Read the complete test

By Robert van harn

II've been listening to - and comparing - the new Emission Labs mesh plate 45 for the last few  weeks.... Read the complete test

3) Emission Labs Solid Plate 45: Initial Impressions
By MikE on Audiokarma

Well, my X-Mass present arrived, one day late. I just popped them in for my National Union ST 45's. Rectification provided by a Sylvania 5v4G w/2 in-line plates. How are they? Spectacular is a good desciptor.... Read the complete test

The AVVT 300B, by Thorsten Loesch, at  ENJOYTHEMUSIC

300B Shootout by Thorsten Loesch at ENJOYTHEMUSIC

No bad tubes
but some are gooder than others.

2A3 survey by Art Duddley, Listener's magazine. 

About AVVT, KR, Sovtek and some others.

Page 65
Page 66
Page 67
Page 68

Dr. Schwabe is a free author for the magazine STEREOPLAY. This article  is in German language, and compares the products of some of the the first companies who re-issued  the 300B again!  For those who think it was Western Electric and Sovtek,  read this article in German language.

Tube compare between KR and VAIC Tubes (in German language)

2A3 Tube Tasting results
Posted by Thorsten Loesch, on SET ASYLUM.

Read the article

300B Tube Test

This test was printed in Suono, an Italian Audiophile magazine.

Read the article

100 Best Sounding Power Tubes.

Many pictures, and descriptions in Japanese.   Worth to own, even if you don't speak Japanese. 

Sample ISBN4-88073-046-7.


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