From Washington with love
by Jac van de Walle. Based upon a true story.

Ring...Ring... Robert Fleming watches a late Television show, as his wife picks up his phone.

'Fleming? Is that you?!'

'Well yes, my name is Fleming, but perhaps you whish to speak to my husband. Hold on please....

Ian! it's for you! Turn off that f** TV! '

'Fleming, what have you been doing? Director Comey here. What's this nonsense about the president? He is mad as hell! '

'but we.....'

'Listen to me Fleming! I have difficulties enough, and I don't want to loose my job because of you. Forget about going to bed tonight. You're coming to the office right now. We've got the whole staff here, waiting for you. This report... you are going to take all back, do you hear me? And you're bringing those video recordings with you, and each copy you have.'

'but Sir.....'

'Do you have a problem with your phone, Fleming? Listen what I tell you. Tonight you will sign a paper, and you're gonna say this whole thing was just a stupid Halloween joke of yours. Fleming! And after that we'll fly you to Panama, first thing in the morning. With your wife. We'll take care of your apartment here in Bowie. In 40 minutes you are here in the office, and you're going to do as I told you!'

From the noise at the other end, it seemed as if his boss threw the phone in the waste basket.

Fleming gets pale. 'But Edith... I have been working on this case for six months, every day. I have 350 pages of written proof. We found 12 hidden cameras, and some had the recordings still inside. They have been spying on CNN reporters and all meeting rooms had microphones. I was orderd to find out which bastard did that. There are not so many people working there, Edith. It was easy to find out, but we couldn't know it was the president himself! I found his written orders.

You know yourself, even a child can recognise his signature. I just wanted to be sure it's no fake. So I had an analysis done by seven independent specialists. Seven, Edith! They all told me, it's the president's signature. I have always been loyal to my country, I can't just lie just about this.

Ian.... you already told me last week, there is trouble coming up. If you want so, you must stand to the truth. Our kids have a good job, and next year you're going to be retired anyway. You have been doing this security work for so many years. You have such an excellent reputation. Me and the kids, we'll support you, whatever happens. They have no right to send us to Panama. Even when they fire you, you can still write books about your work. Have you ever thought of that? You told me so many interesting stories. The things about that British spy, for instance. What was his name again? Bond? That was so exciting, and funny too! Each story can fill a book. Or even make a movie about what happened in Russia!'

'Huh, you mean 007? That is not funny Edith, saying to make a movie about him. This was my close friend James. He was was dropped from an airplane, during a mission in Europe. He always told me, when he dies an unnatural death, the Russians are behind it, and I should tell everyone so.

I am sorry Ian, I didn't know that. You never told me so. Well.. but then what is the problem?

Fleming looks at his wife. 'Edith... Let's go to sleep'.