With NOS tubes, we have a customer base of mostly returning customers (so few once-only customers), and for those we want to stay the first address for good and reliable materials. So they return to us for future purchases, and then we come back to you to buy more NOS tubes of the same kind. That's how we like to work :)

We have no interest in:

  • Telefunken without diamond.
  • Tubes per 500, and you want a the same as on Ebay for a single tube.
  • Any so calles tesla tubes, made by JJ.
  • No JJ tubes in general.
  • Payment in advance.
  • You send an email to 85 people asking for a bid.
  • Any form of monkey business.

We have interest in:

  • Best quality tubes. Preferred are tubes in some quantity per part number.
  • We seek a long term relationship with honest sellers, that can regularly offer tubes.
  • Collectors items. Of course these are only single pieces or pairs, but they must be very nice condition.

You want to trade tubes?

This is also no problem. However to prevent this from developing into endless email babble, we only do it like this, or a similar way: You send in the materials you want to trade, and let us know your wanted price before you send it. If the tube are ok, you can use this value as a discount on any new order you make with us. So each of us have a clear cut, and we avoid endless emails.

How we buy:

1) You send us the tubes you want to sell (or trade), and we make you an offer on it
2) You say what you want for it, right at the beginning. Then we can say yes or no, and that's final.

In all cases, we guarantee payment within one week, or send back the material otherwise at no charges, by insured mail. So you see, the only risk you have is your own shipping costs. And honestly.... if you are afraid, we will send the tubes back, and you loose the forward shipping cost, who else can know this better than you? You have seen the tubes and you know what you have.

Well, and those who are looking for a good address to do normal business.... you just found it!