15. Transformer Covers

Transformer Cover #1
Attention! In the left drawing, the cap is rotated 90° compared to the right drawing. (Note position of cap #3)

Coated with a very strong oven baked paint. Almost impossible to scratch it. With a decent "Lundahl" logo on it, not dominantly visible. The material is 2mm steel, this thickness will provide magnetic shielding. The thinner caps, or even aluminum caps as can be found from China, do not provide this shielding level. The optical quality and feel is really beautiful and yet very strong.

These are optimized for the Lundahl transformers, but of course you can mount inside, what you like. Like an electronically regulated tube heater power supply. That keeps away silicon devices from the amplifier inside. Small air ventilation openings are present in top and bottom

The way to use these, is very nicely adapted to the purpose most users have. You can mount the bottom part (1) to the amplifier chassis. Then mount the transformer to the Part (1). Then mount Part (2) to the transformer. Now you can conveniently wire the transformer, or measure on it while the side caps 3 + 4 not mounted yet. Later, after your are finished, you can mount the Side Caps 3 + 4.

Very convenient is, when you want to re-wire an output transformer for another impedance, or when you want to make some measurements to the connections. Though it may not seem important to you at this moment, you always should consider the option to change the speaker output impedance when you change your loudspeaker. When the amplifier is large and heavy, you will be very unhappy if you want to make measurements in the transformers, and you need to put the whole amplifier upside down. If you ever build a heavy weight amplifier, you will know it is very unpleasant putting it upside down to access it, and even inside the transformer caps there is often no access. Not so with those Lundahl transformer covers! You can simply remove the sides 3 + 4, and the whole transformer will stay in place. The metal base part is very strong, and you can even even remove cap #2 for more access, and leave the transformer in place, mounted to cap #1 only.

There is now a cap for every Lundahl, apart for the VERY big core (4.5kg transformer)
Check transformer data sheets to see the weight of each transformer

Cover #1. Order number: 218-241-46
Cover #1 data sheet here
Pre-drilled holes, and screws included for all transformers of 2.5kg.

Cover #2. Order number: 218-274-57

Pre-drilled holes, and screws included for all transformers of two types.
Pre-drilled holes, and screws included for all transformers of 0.75kg and 1.3...1.5kg
DIY option for 400gr transformers, Capacitors and other parts.

Cover #2 with small core transformer, weight appr 750gr
Cover #2 with large core transformer, weight 1.3 ....1.5kg

Non-Standard option, but possible:
Cover #2 with smallest core transformer, weight appr 500gr each. You need to drill holes for these yourself. (and need 4 additional 3mm screws of yourself)

Another non-Standard option, mount two Eletrolytic capacitors inside.


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