Bank Data and Payment information

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Bank Name
International Bank Account Number
Bank Address
Untere Hauptstrasse 24
Bank City
72172 Sulz am Neckar
Bank Tel Nr
Account Holder Name
Jac van de Walle
Account Holder Adress
Horber Steige 25
Account Holder City
Sulz am Neckar
Nur für Deutschland / Germany only
Konto 143969005
Nur für Deutschland / Germany only
Bankleitzahl 64290120
Some notes about money transfers:

Payments within Europe: Just transfer the amount, and that's it. Please use the invoice number as payment reason. European banks may not charge fees for inside-Europe payments, per July 2003.

Payments from outside Europe by bank: Please add 15 Euro to the amount, for bank charges. Use no express transfer, just normal speed. When the banking costs are all charged to the buyer, of course there is no need to add 15 Euro.Please use the invoice number as payment reason.

Use TRANSFERWISE: This is a new way to pay, since 2015. Costs are extremely low, and it works fast and reliable.
Use PAYPAL: 1.5...5.1% of the transferred amount, depending on the sending country. The sender will not see this, but at the receiver, only 95% of the money arrives! For amounts below 700 Euro, Paypal is more cost efficient than banks, and above that, banks are more cost efficient. When using Paypal, please be prepared to accept the Paypal charges, and use the invoice number as payment reason.

"A banker is someone who rents you an umbrella, but wants it back when it starts to rain". Mark Twain.