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How to order? (and how NOT to order)

Quote Request

This generates for you a complete price offer, with all costs included. So you will know exactly what the cost will be in case you go ahead. For orders below 35€ material costs, we have a Small Order Fee of 6 Euro. We hope you understand this.

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What happens afterwards?

Price offer

We reply to you with a PRO FORMA invoice. Changing an invoice is just a few mouse clicks for us.  So feel free to get a PRO FORMA invoice, and take it from there.  You are not bound to this kind of request, it is just for you to check the products + quantity + price + correct shipment address, and understand what will happen.



When you agree with the PRO FORMA invoice, you hopefully decide to order this from us. When yes, all you need to do, is make the payment, and use the number of the pro forma invoice. At that moment your purchase is done, and everything is final. When you want, please ask for a confirmation of the payment after it was send. 



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Here is a random (valid) package number. Enter this in shipment number, and you can see what it looks like. 723587518837


Write your feedback

Please feel safe when buying from us! In the case you are not satisfied, we have a very generous return policy. We can read the conditions for that via the website menu. Read other customers feedback. Please really write what you think here. We leave all feedback in.