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How to order?

Quote Request

After you send the quote request form, you will receive by email a price offer, with shipment cost included. Many goods we have on stock. If there is a delivery time, we will inform you with the price offer.

Click here to see the Quote Request form

Two small notes:

  1. the order form needs the addres + product information + the preferred way to pay. Only like this we can calculate the price offer exactly.
  2. For orders below 35€ material costs, we have a Small Order Fee of 10 Euro. We hope you understand this.

What happens afterwards?

Price offer

We reply to you with a price offer. After we have this in the system, the process becomes quick and easy. If you want to change something, you can reply just by email with the changes. You can change as often as needed. Then if it looks as expected, we hope you decide to order it. If so, see the next step.



When you agree with the pric offer, just make the payment, referring to the price offer number. At that moment your purchase is done. When you want, please ask for a confirmation of the payment.


Click here for a tracking link example


Write your feedback

PLEASE use the feedback. .. :) Please feel safe when buying from us!

In the case you are not satisfied, we have a very generous return policy. We can read the conditions for that via the website menu. Read other customers feedback. Please really write what you think here. We leave all feedback in.