A good deal is when both parties
are satisfied afterwards!

General information

  • For buying, you can visit us if you want, and see the goods first. When you buy via long distance, we want to give you the same possibilities to check the goods, as when buying in a shop. This means you can return the goods when you are not satisfied after receival.
    How to use this option?
  • For products that by nature show no signs of use after 7 days, you have 7 days to decide if you want to keep them.
  • Emission Labs tubes can be tested longer than just a short test, and you have 7 days to decide if you want to keep them.
  • For all other products, please read below "what can not be returned"

What can not be returned for credit:

  • On Electron tubes you can do one short functional test for a some minutes. If not satisfied, please turn off the tubes, and let us know by email, latest the next day after you received the package. After this you can return them in the next 7 days. (So not use electron tubes for 7x24 hours, and send them back without reason). Original printing will start to darken after some minutes, when the glass gets hot. Changed appearance of the printing is a "no return" reason, but this will not happen when you do only one short test on them.
  • Capacitors and transformers can not be returned in general.
  • Wires that we have cut off the roll for you.
  • Anything that is made on customer specification
  • Please do contact us when you have a no-return case, but this is a problem for you. We can always try to find a solution.

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