Group of tube equipment lovers

Thank you for being here at this page!

We try to show here first class pictures of first class equipment, made by first class people. This page is just for the lust factor, and to do away with the DIY image as something not so nice looking. Please browse those pictures, and be amazed by the beautiful details of many objects shown here. This is fun and pleasure for me, to see tubes, "glass", here also as objects of engineering art and sound art. I know some of the persons quite well throughout the years, and I can say here, some are genius people. Also some great software engineers here who construct the amplifiers on PC first, not just with a simple CAD program, but with graphics programs that do miracles, like ray tracing. Some other have a miniature but complete CNC machine in their house. Some of the backgrounds of the projects here are more than amazing. So look at some of the beautiful pictures here, and let them give you the inspiration to build something similar.

If you have a set of equipment that you think deserves a place here, please let me know. Send high quality pictures, and a short description of your gear. You can add a few lines of text here too, and basically it will be posted as is. You can read if afterwards of course for approval. The only requirement is you bought some of the materials at

Pleas note this: If an edited picture gets edited again, the quality suffers very much. So for using the pictures here, best is to send them "as is" right off the camera, unchanged. It is amazing how nice corrections of tone and brightness can be done, but only if the picture has not been edited before. Like that details stay preserved best way. Well and as you see some of the users here are great photographers also.

Privacy: We don't publish your contact data. Also do not give it to strangers on request.


VAIC Reference monoblocks. The legend...
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