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Jac's method of how to make a light bulb burn, without connecting a voltage to it, and even with a broken filament. Is this a joke? No! This is a real experiment, and yes, it WORKED. Don't repeat this at your home.. just don't do it, it can be dangerous. See pictures here

Crypto Musuem. Personally, I am not so interested old radio transmitters. But you should look around at this website, for instance look at "The thing". This is a way to hide a spy microphone into an object, and all parts look totally none-electric, even so the microphone can not be recognised as such, even when opened, it doesn't look "electric". Or look at this two hours running wire recorder of the size of a package of cigarettes, working on tubes and batteries. Link to the Crypto Museum. This museum can be visited in the Netherlands.

Tin Whiskers, make equipment malfunction.Read here
alternate textHere you find the most extremely professional repair reports for equipment, ever seen. Equipment for measuring, some tube testers, amplifiers. Most of all, learn here how you REALLY can work good.  Selected articles from intelligent people, saying things about things we will never know everything about. / Navigates you to many great historic sites. / Guitar effects.  old and new technologies.
This is a link to one of the most craziest Horn Speaker freaks of Japan. He must be unmarried. Read here

alternate textFirma Rapp, wissenschaftliche Instrumente Hier werden verschiedenste Intrumente angeboten für Hochspannungsexperimente.


Partially English, partially French Website of Jean-Louis Naudin. This is a DIY website, but wow... look at what this man is doing. He makes these things WORK. Normally interesting hints about CD zapping are mixed with working models of electrostatic flying engines. (here is the link)

alternate textHier hat jemanden einen wirklich ganz besonderen Website gebaut. Hier mal der link der zu diesem elektronik-freien tatsächlich funktionierenden Oscilloscop führt. (und ähnliche Röhren haben wir auf der NOS Seite bei JacMusic). Hier ist dann noch einen Einstieg, irgendwo anders in dieser Website. Da kommst du as dem staunen nicht mehr raus. !

Mike's Electric Stuff. This guy is high-voltage genius. Learn here how to ZAP CD's in your microwave oven.
Gyraf Audio. BEST DIY Audio projects, mostly tube compressors, limiters, and other STUDIO stuff, and no boring 300B amplifiers.

alternate textUlrich Haumann's plasma tweeter page is getting a classic in the internet.


alternate text Image Hifi. (Deutsches Magazin) A "must" are the wonderful tube articles from Roland Kraft. He really knows his profession.

Die Röhren Artikel von Roland Kraft gehören zu den Besten welche es gibt. Auch der Profi erfährt hier noch etwas Neues. Ganz besonders empfehlenswert: Das Röhrenbuch 2006. (Direkt bei Image HiFi zu bestellen) Original, preserved website of my cyber-friend Harvey "Dr. Gizmo" Rosenberg who died too early. He send me a signed copy of his book. Harvey was the builder of the famous Futterman amplifiers. Never heard of? Then perhaps the word OTL means something to you. Well that is the same. Harvey's company NYAL was THE FIRST to build OTL. Ok now? Also nice to see how a good homepage looked in 2001. Shame on Audioayslum "so called" moderators who were nothing but a bunch hyenas, having fun upsetting him, and he would struggle until 3:00 in the night, for months, until he was hit by a heart attack. We miss you Harvey.
This one is off-topic, but a nice one too. Send those nasty oil arabs to hell. My grandfather was a bus driver shortly after the second world war. He told me, his bus was running on wood gas, and WHEN it was fired up, it would it run just normally. It used to smoke like hell, because they fired it on anything that would burn. This little car you see here on the left, is running on a 1947, all restored wood-gas generator, from those days. Today fired with clean wood-pallets.

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