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EE21, EE23 Board V6.5, All Connection Schemes, Complete Overview

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    5. All Connection Schemes, Complete Overview
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EE21 or EE23 Board

There are two internal wire schemes Lundahl uses for this footprint transformer family. This the reason for two boards, EE21 and EE23. Apart from this, the optics and functioning is the same, but each transformer can only be used either with EE21 or EE23. Since those boards can only be ordered in combination with the transformers, it is not possible to order the wrong transformer-board combination anyway. (Basically EE23 is only for LL1588,1592 and 1690. All other transformers use EE21).

A Centered signal

This means we use a winding with a center tap, which becomes grounded. This enforces a ground reference to a balanced signal, and hum rejection becomes so good, that for aux connections, just a twisted wire pair may be used, so an unshielded cable.

Use of the Ground (G) Connections

These are all connected to the board ground plane. They are used if a cable connection needs to be shielded, or used to create an unbalanced input or output.

Several Input

Several Output