LL 1660 /18 ma as PP.

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LL 1660 /18 ma as PP.

Postby johan » Tue Feb 16, 2016 12:35 am

I have a LL 1660 /18 ma interstage transformers . My first idee was to use it as SE to PP to drive 6b4g tubes .(P.P ) (russian ecc99 (6N6P) as driver tube )
I could buy recently some LL 1540 high input, high impedance transformers and now I want to use them for phase splitting instead of the LL1660 . Is this a good idee or should I stick to the first configuration ?
When I will use the LL1540 for phase splitting the LL1660 has to work PP to PP instead of SE to PP . How does the LL1660 /18 ma perform in this configuration ( P.P to P.P ) and which tube should I use to drive the transformer P.P. to P.P .
Thanks and regards
Johan .
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Re: LL 1660 /18 ma as PP.

Postby Jac19 » Sun Feb 28, 2016 10:50 pm

Sure you can use the LL1660-18mA also as Push Pull. Just take the wiring scheme from the PP. The only thing is, inductance is lower as with a real PP transformer. Though ECC99 is nicely low impedance. In any case LL1660-18mA will work, but the low frequence 3dB point I can not say. You need to calculate that . As you already have the LL1660-18mA available, you can just try it out. Then when you it doesn't go low enough, that means you need to use a PP transformer instead. In any case LL1660-18mA will work, and you are probably ok with it.
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