Most universal LL model for SET amp

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Most universal LL model for SET amp

Postby Mike » Thu Mar 05, 2015 4:27 pm

Hi there,
I've been scratching my head too long over the best output transformer for use with 2A3, 300B, EL34..
Basically the LL1623 is the one, but should I go with 60mA or 90mA.

They say LL1623/90mA is an ideal choice but wouldn't the airgap be too large and primary inductance too small for 60mA of 2A3 anode current? Would it make audible difference, or just very little on the frequency extremes?

(I'm terribly sorry but I speak very little German. If you could reply in English I'd be grateful. Thanks :oops: )
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Re: Most universal LL model for SET amp

Postby J. Leven » Fri Mar 13, 2015 7:41 pm

LL1679 / 70mA / 40H with 4,5K load impedance would be a good way
I would prefer a 300B before 2A3
J. Leven
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