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Get technical support here for your Lundahl Tube Power Supply Chokes, Filament Chokes, Plate Chokes, Interstage transformer, Grid Chokes, Signal Input transformers, Moving Coil transformers, Microphone transformers, Digital Audio transformers, SE or PP Tube output transformers, air gapped mains transformers, or the Lundahl problem solver series.

Readme first

Postby Admin19 » Mon Dec 19, 2011 12:24 pm

Thank you for visiting the Lundahl Forum!

These beautiful, very sophisticated transformer are easier to use as you may think. If you have a question, place it here. Also we encourage the users to discuss schematics here.

Here are some nice links you should know:

1) Some of the FAQ you find the answers here.

2) Some (very nice) schematics with Lundahl transformers

3) More schematics with Lundahl transformers.
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