Same cards for Funke W20 and W19 ???

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Same cards for Funke W20 and W19 ???

Postby joepass » Sat Jan 26, 2013 4:58 am

Do the Funke W19 and W20 share the same probe cards ???

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Re: Same cards for Funke W20 and W19 ???

Postby Admin19 » Sat Jan 26, 2013 12:40 pm

the cards may look the same, but W20 needs more settings. That is not all. W20 is a paramatric tester, and W19 is an Emission tester. Note, almost ALL Emission testers, are testing the tubes at a silly low kind of plate current. These are testing the Emission at a very low operating point. This explains the low reputation of Emission testers.

Funke W19 however tests the Emission full, maximum dissipation. For some tubes, this is even done at higher current as normal. In order not to overheat the tube, in such a case the plate voltage must be lowered. (all of ths is set by the card). This special condition can really only be met by a strong tube, and the weak ones give lower results.

Furthermore, Funke W19 needs no adjustments, only use the card, and you have a test result.

With W20 you need to set all voltages, and know yourself is the test results are for a good or a bad tube. So it's a totally differenc concept.

For parametric testing, much better testers than W20 excist, like AVO Mk4 which costs more. Or take an AVO Mk2 which is a nice tester as well, and costs about the same.

For emission testing, W19 is unique, and test results mean someting. If W19 says the tube is "strong" is passed quite a hard test. The lower versions, W18, W17, even W16 are definitely very good as well. They work the same way, just W19 is the top model and can do almost every tube. For all those testers, you can make your own cards, for newer tubes that did not exist at the day the tester was made. For instance you will find a 300B test card for teh Funke W19 that I made, you can see it at the jacmusic site, under "tube testers".

My advice, take the W19. It costs even less than W20.
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