GEC KT88 tubes you dont find everyday

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GEC KT88 tubes you dont find everyday

Postby audioguy » Wed Feb 15, 2017 6:18 am

These were purchased back in the late 1960s and stored in a box until a month ago. A 78 year old retired engineer that got in contact with me had bought them personally. I have them now.
Trying myself to research these first and second generation GEC KT88 is almost futile as there is no information out there at all. All you read about is the 3rd generation KT88 1960-1970 version 3 getter
I have NOT found one real picture of a first run (1st generation) Bakelite GEC KT88 on any google search or (second generation) same glass as generation 1 except with metal base
Are these tubes really that rare.
Are the sonics basically the same as the 3 getter type. Who knows there is no information out there
I have run these through my tube tester and they came out with flying colours on results
I don't really want to put these through the paces in a amplifier as they are in Museum condition. Boxes are mint glass is mint logos are mint
These are the real deal
Any thoughts comments appreciated!
My picture files are to large for this site I have to see if I can resize them
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